Matthias “Makintosh!” Afelt, born 5th March 1991. A young graphic artist, designer and draftsman. Since I was a young kid I’ve always want to draw things from my own perspective. As I remember myself - I've always find a time to draw. To this day, I keep countless sheets of paper with so many ideas that I have and most of them I don’t even remember what I was thinking about when I draw them.

People always said that drawing will not give me anything in my life. Well, they were wrong. Why? Because we are humans, we are imperfect. We always searching for something that can fill up emptiness that we are holding inside us from the day we were born until the day of our death. Some people need music, money, love. I am a type that searching for something that is unreachable without Your hard work. I never want to sit down in place and do nothing. I always working and learning about thing that interested me, sometimes I gave up but after time, I’m come back with more will to finish what I started.

For who I’m doing that?

What is a purpose of my work?

It’s simple - to prove people, who thought they knew me, that They were deadly wrong. To show them that I still can. To prove those who stopped believing, that I’m still alive and kicking. To see even one happy face looking at my art - one happy soul is more than You all can even imagined.

And what is Makintosh! A®ts?

It’s me. It’s my dreams and hopes. It’s my world from my perspective - at the same time it could be scary but also it could be really nice place. It’s a hard work that I put here. It’s things that I discovered, learned and made as experiment.