2014-10-17 18:46:47
ey there Everyone! This time I've got some serious stuff to announce because, well, I need Your help because "things" are not going well up here.

s You may know (or not) I am on my fourth year of studies on university and I'm currently working over my science project for Engineer Degree (nearest English technician science degree is Bachelor of Engineering). And here is my problem. My laptop, that I was using in my science project, died few days ago. To be exact - whole actuator stopped working and HDD is dead, without any chances to repair it.
I can work on my stationary computer for a time, but I also need my laptop to work on university during lectures and labs and, well, I don't have money to buy new HDD (which is "non that" expensive). New HDD costs around 200,-PLN/48,-EUR/61,-USD and that's why I want ask You for some help.
My commissions are opened but I also opening an "emergency commissions". What is it means? It means that You can pay whatever You want and commissioned whatever You want (avatars, banners, fan-arts, posters, etc.) with minimum payment of 10,-PLN/2.40EUR/3,-USD. My goal is to get 200,-PLN/48,-EUR/61,-USD to again start working over my science project, every "penny" beyond 200,-PLN/48,-EUR/61,-USD milestone will be reserved for new mouse for stationary PC.

Thank You for reading this and thank You if You help! If You can - please share this info on Facebook/deviantArt/other media - I will be grateful for doing that!