2015-02-12 15:54:00
ey there everyone! As You may remember in the previous news/update I considered that maybe I will do some cheap commissions to rise some money and buy my dreamed birthday gift. As You probably guessed (from this news title) I’m opening some cheap commissions to do that.

Makintosh! 24-th Birthday Commissions

es, indeed. I’m rising some money to buy Nintendo WiiU console that I’m dreamed about quite long time. Sadly I lost my job as a teacher some time ago and I cannot find a new job, which means - I have no money to buy something nice to myself (I still got some veeery small income, but it’s enough to pay taxes and buy some food for me and my dog). That’s why I finally decided to open those very cheap commissions and donations to make my only birthday dream come true.
For more information about prices and ways to ask me about those commissions please check dedicated page, that I made, by clicking image above or just simply clicking THIS LINK. The main idea is that You can order some art from me for whatever price You want to pay, but there are minimum payments for specific arts.

ut commissions and donations it’s just the beginning! Anyone who will donate and/or commissioned something for more than 20,- PLN will get the chance to win these three games: Mirror’s Edge [Origin], Dead Space [Origin] and Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition [Steam].

I hope You enjoyed and that You will share this information to the other people! I will be very grateful for doing that! See You soon!