2015-03-13 16:33:55
ello there everyone! It’s a good day to be alive (again after a small break)! But first of all - thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday on Facebook, deviantArt and YouTube!

nd now - good part for all of You. As You remember, I’ve opened 24-th Birthday Commissions and Donations to rise some money for Nintendo WiiU and closed it with 486,- PLN from 1000,- PLN collected. After I closed commissions and donations few people came in donating and asking for not adding their funds to the 24-th Birthday Commissions pool. Anyway – the important thing is, that I rised the whole sum and bought my own Nintendo WiiU console that I’m dreamed about. So... thanks to everyone who participated!
lso – I promised that one of the people who participated and bought and/or donated more than 20,- PLN will have a chance to win these three games: Mirror’s Edge [Origin], Dead Space [Origin] and Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition [Steam]. And the winner is...


Congratulations and please contact with me via Facebook, deviantArt or e-mail. You will receive these three game keys immediately!
What more I can say? Thank You once again and see You in another update!